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About Us

At some point, everyone needs to call "their lawyer."
In today’s complex world, legal issues arise that require smart and experienced lawyers.
The attorneys of Meyer Friedman Reed PLLC can help you, whatever your need may be. Our experienced lawyers have more than 70 years in combined experience handling a variety of legal matters. Whether it is a Family Law matter, a Criminal matter, a Business matter, or any other legal question or issue you may have, give us a call for help.
In every matter, the attorneys of Meyer Friedman Reed PLLC call upon their combined legal experience of almost 70 years to provide aggressive, smart and common-sense representation to our clients.  We know the law and we try cases, and we use that knowledge for you in each legal matter, in and out of the Courtroom.
We don't take "cookie cutter" approaches.
Every legal matter is different. It has its own unique facts, unique circumstances, and unique parties involved.  At Meyer Friedman Reed PLLC, we recognize this and analyze closely each matter and develop a specific game plan for each matter.
We know that efficiency is important.
No matter whether we are handling your matter on an hourly fee, contingency fee, or flat fee basis, we know that you want your legal matter handled quickly, efficiently, and brought to a quick resolution. At Meyer Friedman Reed PLLC, we are committed to bringing your matter to resolution as quickly as the other parties and the Court system will allow. In many circumstances, your life is on hold until your legal matter is done. At Meyer Friedman Reed PLLC, we are dedicated to minimizing that disruption.
We bring a personal touch to our clients.
We are a small law firm. When we tell you we are your lawyers, this means that we handle each of our cases. We know our clients. Our clients know us. We understand that when you bring a legal matter to us, you want to talk to us, not to a different person every time you call. We bring that approach to each client that we represent.  Why? Because we don’t want to just represent you on a single matter.
We want to be your lawyers.
For you, your family, your friends. So that when the next issue arises, when the next problem occurs, you can simply pick up the phone and say

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